Lisa Schudel, LMT - Licensed Massage Therapist
Welcome! Come in and relax. I am so blessed to have a career that I love. I have found my true calling.
 Regular Massage Therapy can change your life! Feeling tense and having pain is NOT normal. With regular massage, you can feel better than you ever have. I help my clients holistically. I have experience in teaching group fitness and I have studied nutrition for over 20 years.
I recently added Real Estate to my life. I love helping people through the process of buying or selling property WITHOUT the stress. My website is
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I LOVE to talk to groups and educate people on how to live a healthier lifestyle.
I can help you with nutritional advice and exercise and
at-home stretching.
Located Inside:
Advanced Aesthetic Surgery- Dr. Thomas Lintner
120 N Medical Pkwy, Ste 200
Woodstock, GA 30189

Massage pricing:
30 min. $45
60 min. $80
90 min $110
Prepay for 5 sessions, save $
5-30 min $175
5-60 min $350
5-90 min $500
Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Relaxing Swedish Massage, Reiki, Pre-Natal, Reflexology, Myofacial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Hot Stone, Barefoot, Thai Massage, EFT, Subtle Muscle Testing and Self Fixes, Cranial Sacral Therapy. Fascia Blasting (See below for brief description of each Modality)
I am licensed in the State of Georgia and Nationally Board Certified. I have been a LMT, practicing massage therapy since 1993. .
Massage services available:

  • Relaxing Swedish Massage- full body relaxation
  • Fascia Blasting- breaking up fascia restrictions and cellulite reduction
  • Foot Reflexology-stimulating foot therapy that can treat and relax the whole body
  • Pre and Post-Natal Massage-pregnancy massage
  • MyoFacial Release- sustained stretching and breaking up of scar tissue. This is done without lotion and can be very gentle or rough, depending on the client's tolerance.
  • CrainioSacral Therapy- very light work on the head and sacrum, good for migraines and helps children with ADHD.
  • Deep Tissue- can be full or partial body
  • Neuromuscular or Trigger Point Therapy- very specific therapy for injuries and pain relief.
  • Reiki - hands-on healing or energy work
  • Thai Massage - assisted yoga stretching and acupressure.
  • Hot Stone Massage - smooth rounded, heated stones help melt away your tension.
  • Slipstream Therapy (cupping) these soft rubber cups pull your tissue up into the cups and gives a deep myofacial release using negative pressure that promotes blood circulation and helps break up scar tissue.
  • EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique is similar to acupuncture but the meridians are tapped, rather than using needles, to balance the body's electrical system. This can be helpful if your pain is caused by a negative emotion.
  • Subtle Muscle Testing and Quick Fixes- I can locate your weak muscles and teach you how to instantly make them strong.

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